Spring Flowers Planted at Harrisonville Elementary Outdoor Classroom

 Approximately 60 Harrisonville Elementary third graders, their principal, teachers, several parents, grandparents, Master Gardeners, and South Grand River Watershed Alliance members wrapped up the school year by planting a variety of native Missouri spring-blooming wildflowers and native shrubs to enhance the Outdoor Classroom wooded area.


Funding for the planting was provided in part by a grant awarded by the Mid-America Regional Council Water Quality Education (MARC) to the South Grand River Watershed Alliance for the purpose of increasing awareness and understanding by students, teachers, and the community about stormwater runoff, the pollutants present in the runoff, the effect pollutants have on the quality of water in our streams and how native plants function to address these issues. 


The woodland plantings will also serve to provide natural beauty and to connect students, teachers, and the community to nature. 


The second phase of the project will be the fall installation of a prairie meadow on the remaining portion of the Outdoor Classroom along with educational signage to inform about how the long-rooted prairie plants slow stormwater runoff and facilitate its absorption into the ground while also filtering out sediments and other pollutants present in the runoff.  Landscaping features will be installed along the walking trail to showcase and identify prairie flowers and grasses included in the prairie meadow. 

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