Linear Park Stream Cleanup

A dedicated group of sixteen people was very effective in cleaning up a portion of the stream, its banks, and the adjoining area in Linear Park at Lucy Webb Road and Huntsman in Raymore Saturday morning, March 19. This community stream cleanup activity was hosted by the South Grand River Watershed Alliance in partnership with Raymore Parks and Recreation, the Missouri Department of Conservation, and Missouri Stream Teams. Those walking or passing by will surely find their view much more enjoyable as a result of their efforts, and the quality of the waters in the stream improved.

Many large bags were filled with litter of all sorts with plastic water bottles and bags making up the largest number of items. Several tires were pulled from the stream channel and properly disposed of as were the bags of trash.

IMG_0477While the participants enjoyed the activity and sense of accomplishing something important, all agreed it would be great if everyone would join in to prevent trash in streams, roadsides, and landscapes. There are many small actions that each of us can take to greatly reduce the amount of trash loose in our community. Carrying your own reusable water bottle and taking reusable cloth bags when you shop would eliminate a lot of disposable items that all too frequently end up in ditches and streams and hanging from trees and shrubs to impact water quality and present eyesores in our landscape.

Many thanks to all who participated in this important activity. To learn about your watershed and how to care for it, visit

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