South Grand River Watershed Alliance

The South Grand River Watershed Alliance (SGRWA) is committed to the protection of watershed through the education of the private citizens, land owners and public agencies. The SGRWA was formed in 2005 by concerned residents of the watershed. Missouri Department of Natural Resources and Missouri Department of Conservation provide resources to the Alliance as it works to inform watershed residents, land owners and public agencies about the adverse effects of human activities that cause pollution and deterioration of our watershed. In turn, the SGRWA is committed to the protection of one of our most precious resources — water.

If you are interested in the health of the watershed and want to learn more about your watershed, contact the SGRWA for more information. There is a wealth of information on this site for you to peruse. Visit the “Contact Us” page or the “About Us” page if you would like to leave a note, send us an email, or speak to a member. If you want to get involved, please consider a membership with the SGRWA. Visit the “Join Our Team” section of our site. There you are invited to join the SGRWA or contribute to the mission of SGRWA.