Watershed Contaminates

Many of contaminates that enter our streams and rivers are the result of some of our everyday activities.

The sources of these pollutants are many: excess fertilizers and pesticides that are used on gardens, lawns and agricultural crops; oils and road salt from roadways and parking lots; sediments from construction sites, etc.

These contaminates can greatly impact the biological balance in streams with increased algae, weeds and cloudy water — all of which diminish the quality of the water we rely on and the diversity of the aquatic life.

Not only is our drinking water and aquatic life impacted, but our enjoyment of water related recreational activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing is diminished, if not completely eliminated, when we allow and contribute to runoff carrying excess pollutants.

Learn about actions you can take at: www.sgrwa.org. There are many ways you can contribute to the quality and quantity of our waters.