Make Every Day Earth Day

With increasing evidence of the impacts that human activity is having on the world, it is essential for the Earth’s health and our own that we make everyday Earth Day and learn how we can each work toward reducing our impact.

The following excerpt was taken from Ecosystem Services: Benefits Supplied to Human Societies by Natural Ecosystems. (The entire document can be viewed at:

“Based on available scientific evidence, we are certain that:

  • Ecosystem services are essential to civilization.
  • Ecosystem services operate on such a grand scale and in such intricate and little-explored ways that most could not be replaced by technology.
  • Human activities are already impairing the flow of ecosystem services on a large scale.
  • If current trends continue, humanity will dramatically alter virtually all of Earth’s remaining natural ecosystems within a few decades.

In addition, based on current scientific evidence, we are confident that:

  • Many of the human activities that modify or destroy natural ecosystems may cause deterioration of ecological services whose value, in the long term, dwarfs the short-term economic benefits society gains from those activities.
  • Considered globally, very large numbers of species and populations are required to sustain ecosystem services.
  • The functioning of many ecosystems could be restored if appropriate actions were taken in time. (emphasis added)”

If we each act locally to protect the health of our watershed, we will be making an important contribution to better functioning of global ecosystems and, therefore, to the quality of human life. Learn actions you can take at